Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Meet the band for the Bridegroom's Banquet

During part of the Bridegroom's Banquet, our benefit dinner on Nov. 5, our guests will enjoy music from the band Zug. The band is comprised of young Cleveland guys, most of whom are priests.

We asked band member Fr. Patrick Anderson to explain the name Zug. He replied:
"Song of Songs 1:4 says it all: 'Draw me Lord and we will run.' Zug means train in German, and it means literally to draw, to pull. It is theological in the sense that Christ attracts, pulls, all to Himself. We are drawn by the transcendentals of the True, the Good, the Beautiful, ultimately to Christ. And as we are drawn by Christ, we want to be a connector between Christ and each person listening and joining into the music we play, just as a train car links to train car, all pulled by the single engine."
May we follow the example of the guys of Zug, allowing ourselves to be drawn to Christ, and drawing others to Him by our lives. "Draw me and we will run" (Sg 1:4, quoted above).

This photo is from last year's benefit dinner, which was held at the monastery. This year the event will take place at St. Joseph Byzantine Catholic Church in Brecksville, Ohio. Admission is free, but registration is required by Oct. 21. The registration deadline is quickly approaching, so if you are interested, please visit our Bridegroom's Banquet page! All donations and pledges that evening will be doubled (up to $50,000), as well as donations mailed in before Nov. 5 and marked for the Bridegroom's Banquet. Thank you so much for your support!

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