Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

We were very blessed to be able to have a priest stay with us from Palm Sunday to Bright Tuesday and to celebrate all of the services. We live streamed many of them through Facebook Live, and many people joined us in prayer this way. Some even encountered the Byzantine Church for the first time. We really sensed the presence of those who were praying with us, and we felt the importance of our prayer and of being leaders in prayer. This was a grace for our monastic vocations, because it has helped us to better understand that we are always praying for and with the whole world.

We were also overjoyed that so many people were helped by our "Holy Week & Pascha for the Domestic Church" guide. We were so blessed by seeing the photos that people emailed us or posted on the Facebook group The Domestic Church, Byz-y at Prayer. We hope to share them with you soon!

This week, "Bright Week," we are resting and enjoying the brief and festive Paschal services! We hope that you are resting in the joy of the Resurrection. We are praying for you and your loved ones, especially those who are sick, or suffering in other ways.

Enjoy this album of photos from our celebration of Holy Week & Pascha.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

A guide for praying at home during this Holy Week & Pascha!

Holy Week and Pascha (Easter) without being able to go to church??? Nuns to the rescue. Our monastery is just a little family, not so unlike yours, living the life of the Church in an intense way. We are here to help give Byzantine families/couples ideas and resources for Holy Week and Pascha for your domestic church (the church of your home), because the Resurrection isn’t cancelled! We need to remember now more than ever the hope we have in Christ’s destruction of death and His gift of eternal life. This current crisis is an opportunity to revive our domestic churches and begin to pray (or pray more) as a family/couple and individually. And, when we pray, we must remember that the whole Body of Christ—the Church, is with us.

We are excited to share with you this project we've been working on for the past week! Please share it quickly with others, in time for Holy Week to begin! God bless you!