Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to Our Blog!

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Welcome to the blog of the future Christ the Bridegroom Monastery! Let us take a moment to introduce ourselves and our vision, which we hope is also God’s vision.

In January of 2008 Bishop John Kudrick published a letter outlining his vision for a new men’s or women’s monastery (or both) in the Eparchy of Parma. His letter can be read here. (Click on the link to Bishop John's pastoral letter and scroll half way down) We have responded to that call and are in the beginning stages of the formation of a women’s monastery.

Bishop John’s letter is a good starting place to learn about the purpose and spirit of the future monastery, though we will also expand on this as we continue to write here.

So a little about us… My name is Julie. I graduated from The University of Akron in 2008 with a degree in communications (explaining my interest in this blog…), and I currently work at our eparchy’s chancery office in Parma, Ohio. I have been discerning religious life for several years and I am excited to see God’s plan for my life unfold. My interests include pro-life work, drawing and painting, and the color purple…

Celeste is on leave from her community to begin this monastery. (Many know her as Sister Celeste, but during exclaustration canon law states that she cannot be addressed as "Sister"...) Her beautiful optimistic spirit is the sunshine that will bring life to the little seed of our endeavors! Her passions include youth ministry and arguing with Bishop John (playfully of course!) about the possibility of making jelly with crab apples... She insists it is not only possible but quite tasty.

Currently we are fixing up the house that will be our future monastery, across the street from the Shrine of Our Lady of Mariapoch in Burton, Ohio. We will document our progress here! Dry walling, painting, and tearing out a wall to expand our chapel are the projects in motion (with the help of wonderful family and friends).

We look forward with joy to the growth of our community, and to sharing it with you here. Please pray for us! You are welcome to write to us at:
17485 Mumford Rd.
Burton, OH 44021

May you have a blessed season of the Great Fast.

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