Monday, May 11, 2009

"Today is the springtime of our souls"

Today is the springtime of our souls, * because Christ is risen as a sun from the tomb on the third day. * He has dispelled the dark winter of our sins; * let us sing to Him, for He is covered with glory. (Matins of the Sunday of Thomas, Ode 1)

Walks around the monastery and the shrine are often accompanied by my chotki (prayer rope)…and my camera. Discovering each flower that pushes through the dirt and each tree that bursts in blossoms has been a thrill. Branches that were bare when we moved in are now flowing with life, and each is a surprise.

I thank God for the gift of new life as I play with my digital camera’s macro feature and photograph water droplets hanging from the lilacs and honeybees pollinating the redbud tree. If God designed the smallest detail of each tiny petal and each insect’s wing, He certainly has a plan of beauty for our lives.

There is life inside the monastery too. Volunteers continue to help us paint, clean, and finish other tasks, and also pray with us. They energize us! This weekend we will welcome several men and women who will come for our first retreat for monastic discernment. They are coming from Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Texas! Please pray for them!

It was difficult to choose only one photo for this post! Some of the others are in the slideshow to the right. God bless!

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