Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Work Day

A group of great volunteers joined us for a fall work day on Saturday, October 10. They enthusiastically helped us with repainting the trim around the house, cleaning gutters, raking leaves, repotting house plants to bring inside, weed-wacking, cleaning window sills, working on the chapel walls and other projects. We are so grateful for their help and were encouraged by their joy.

In the evening we prayed vespers in our chapel and then enjoyed a cookout and bonfire in the back yard. It was amazing how the food seemed to multiply! We talked, laughed and kept warm around the fire. Sr. Celeste and I were asked to “tell a story,” and it was a joy for me to realize that we already have stories to tell about the development of the monastery. (On October 3 it was six months since we moved in!)

You can click on the collage of photos from the work day to see it in full screen. You’ll see the photo in the upper right corner of the Fetsko family being interviewed on video. We are working on a short video about the monastery with Bob Kasarda of Eastern Christian Media (http://www.easternchristianmedia.com/), which Bishop John will take with him on his parish visits. Please pray for this project, and keep an eye out for it soon!

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