Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolution...daily Byzantine prayer?

Roman Catholic version: iBreviary

Wishing you had an easy way to incorporate the daily prayer of the Byzantine Church into your daily schedule?  While Roman Catholics have a handy compact breviary, we often laugh that the "Byzantine breviary" consists of a whole stack of heavy books!   (You should see us packing them up when we have to pray on the road.)  This makes it difficult for lay people and clergy to pray the daily prayers of the Church.  Well, we are excited to share some news with you that we found in our inbox this morning.  This format of prayer is a modified and abbreviated form of what we monastics pray, but we think it is a great way for lay people to participate in the life of daily Eastern Christian prayer, especially if you have a portable electronic device that can open emails.  If you are interested, email the contact below today!

Based on the positive feedback we have received to our initial market research, Eastern Christian Publications is going to offer a FREE trial of an electronic Byzantine Daily Office! It will be distributed by email each evening for the following day and contain the texts for morning and evening prayer, and the First, Third, Sixth and Ninth Hours, along with the changeable parts as per the Byzantine Ruthenian Typicon (which we publish too) and the Gregorian date for Pascha. When the calendar dictates, we will also offer a version for the Julian date for Pascha. 
You can use it on your desktop, laptop, or any other portable device where you get email. It will be complete and contain all the prayers you need to pray on the bus, subway, at lunch, at a soccer game, dance class, or anywhere/anytime! 
If we find enough interest in the FREE trial, we will continue and ask for a modest subscription fee through our website -- only 25 cents/day or $7.50/month.

To receive these FREE 50+ page PDFs with all the Hours for each day, simply send us an email and indicate which calendar you follow. We will send the PDF to you at the email address you use. Send the email request to: 
We ask you to USE the file, and give us your feedback of how it could be improved, or if you like it, will subscribe to it, and recommend it to friends. 
Perhaps using some or all of this electronic Daily Office could be a New Year's Resolution for 2012. We have started with January 2nd, and will continue until further notice based on how many sign up and the feedback we get. Thanks for participating! Come and join our electronic prayer group for 2012!
Jack Figel

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