Tuesday, May 29, 2012

God is good!

God is good! We finally reached our goal for the pond repair project. Praise the Lord! The moment was quite awesome. I was speaking with someone in the back yard and was asked about the pond situation. In the midst of the conversation, we walked by the pond and I told her that we still needed two thousand dollars to cover the cost of the pond repairs. After a while, the conversation shifted and we talked about God’s plan for us and how we need to trust, be patient and not interfere with His plans. We came back into the monastery and met Sr. Julie in the dining room who had just brought in the mail. Along with some junk mail was an envelope addressed to “Pond Excavation and Repair Project.” When we opened it we were stunned. Enclosed in the envelope was a check for…you guessed it…$2,000! WOW! With thankful tears, all I could keep saying was, “God, You are so good.” We are sincerely thankful to everyone for their goodness, generosity and support! GOD IS GOOD!

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