Thursday, November 15, 2012

The anticipation begins...

Scout is anticipating too...Christmas day dinner probably...
Today begins the Philip's Fast, or Nativity Fast--a 40-day fast in preparation for the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord!  It is traditional to fast from meat and dairy products during this time.  We encourage you to fast in some particular way in which you feel called.

Yep, it's pretty difficult to fast during the time in which it seems like everyone else is celebrating!  But for us Christians, this is really a time to quiet our hearts and minds, to make space for the coming of God in the flesh!  It's a time to anticipate the joy of the Incarnation--this great mystery of our faith!  God clothed Himself in our humanity so that we might be clothed in His divinity!   As the days get darker and colder, let's prepare a little warm place in our hearts for Jesus, the Light of the World.  Let's make space for Him by setting aside something that we don't really need--something that distracts us from His voice, something that keeps Him out.  If we anticipate His coming by fasting instead of feasting, maybe we'll really encounter Him in the depths of our hearts this Christmas!

Praying for you during this journey!

A book we recommend: Winter Pascha

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