Monday, January 6, 2014

A Frigid Feast

Happy Feast of the Theophany (Baptism) of Our Lord!

After the Divine Liturgy this morning, we processed out the back of the monastery on one of the coldest days in a long time...and according to tradition, our chaplain blessed our pond!  We broke a hole in the ice before Liturgy so that the priest could submerge the cross in the water as part of the blessing, but by the time we came out after Liturgy the hole had already frozen!

But we stayed warm inside the rest of the day, and Sr. Cecilia constructed a jello dessert for dinner: a replica of our pond out of blue jello, graham crackers (for the dock) and whipped topping and coconut for the snow!  A cross was hidden under the "ice" for the one who would be lucky enough to find it in her portion!  The dock was complete with photos of us from the morning pond blessing.

For more photos from the day, click here!

"Let us imitate the wise virgins; come, let us go to meet the Master who is now present, For He approaches John as a Bridegroom.  When the Jordan saw Him, it bowed down in fear and stopped; John spoke out, saying: I am unworthy to touch Your immortal head.  The Spirit descended in the form of a dove and sanctified the waters, and a voice was heard from on high: This is my Son who comes into the world to save all.  O Lord, glory to You!" (Litija for the Feast of the Theophany) 


  1. Blessed Theophany Sisters! Do tell...who was the lucky one who found the cross under the jello ice? ;)

  2. Who retrieved the Cross from the pond?


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