Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thanks Ladies!

As you may have read in our January 24th post, the Knights of Columbus council #3304 helped us out last month by emptying out and beginning to clean the house that will become our guest house.  This past Saturday it was the women's turn to help out!  Some women from the local parishes of St. Ed's in Parkman, St. Lucy's in Middlefield and St. Ambrose in Garrettsville helped us to scrub down the house from floor to ceiling!  We are so grateful for all their hard work!

We were so excited to see things clean and talk about the potential of the building that we spent the rest of the day finishing the cleaning, moving over some used furniture that had been donated and making a list of some of the additional furnishings that we will need.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures while the women were here, but here's one from later in the day with Mother and Sr. Gabriella's mom, Cathy, bringing a sense of holiness into the house by hanging up an icon!

Please pray that the repairs and furnishing will go smoothly (especially with the plumbing!) so that we will soon be able to expand our hospitality to overnight guests and retreatants!  In the future we will let you know in what other ways you can help us to make this vision a reality!

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  1. How wonderful to see the Monastery growing, a little bit at a time! We will pray for the intercession of St. Vincent Ferrer for your plumbing success (he's the patron saint of plumbers...who knew?). We hope to come & visit in the spring. God bless!


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