Monday, December 8, 2014

Thanks St. Nicholas! (And today is Moki's Entrance Day!)

St. Nicholas was VERY generous this year!  On his feast day, December 6, he brought us $26,000 toward our renovation project!  We are already at 41% of our goal!  If you are able, please consider helping us to reach our goal so that we can fit more nuns in our monastery, fix safety issues, and complete other necessary projects.  To learn more about our project, visit our Renovation Project page.

On another very exciting note, today is Moki Lonchyna's entrance day!  Her original entrance date, November 20, was postponed due to pnemonia, but today is--God-willing and the bishop arrives--the real thing!  As we celebrate this feast of the Mother of God--the Maternity of Anna (otherwise known as the Immaculate Conception)--join us in entrusting Moki to Mary's motherly care as she continues her journey of discernment by entering into our life of prayer and hospitality.  As Mary is conceived in the womb of her mother and salvation draws close, the mystery of God's beautiful plan for Moki's life begins to unfold in a new way.  She is grateful for your prayers!

"The sayings of the prophets are now being fulfilled: the holy mountain is planted in the womb; the divine ladder is set up; the throne of the great king is ready; the God-inspired city is being adorned.  The unburnable bush is beginning to bud forth, and the treasure house of grace is overflowing.  It is spreading over the rivers of unfruitfulness of the God-wise Anne whom we glorify in faith" (Stichera at Vespers).


  1. Congratulations of your good fundraising! You seem like modest women who plan well: I'm not surprised you are getting generous support! And congratulations to Moki on this entrance day. May your community expand and grow. I'm smiling as I write this, good women.

  2. We are praying for Moki & can't wait to hear all about her entrance day! Blessed Feast of the Conception of the Most Holy Mother of God by the Righteous Anna!


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