Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Third phase of renovations begin! (While our very full monastic life continues!)

Please forgive us for our lack of updates on our renovation project--life has been so crazy around here that there isn't time to clean up the mud on the floors, let alone write a blog post! (We've found a moment to write this one now, but the mud is still on the floor...)

The second phase of our renovations are just about complete! We have moved into our new rooms and are working on moving into the new kitchen!  As this phase was finishing, we discerned that we should go ahead and move along with the next portions of the project. And that's when things got really crazy... So, here is a quick photo synopsis of what is currently happening:

The bushes in front of the monastery have been removed...

 ...so that trenches around the monastery could be dug and the basement waterproofed to stop the flooding.

 We dug up the flowers in order to save them.

The pond is being drained so that it can be lined with clay and the dam replaced.

Also, while the Bobcats are here, they tore down an old garage.

Inside, we had to empty the pool room which we had been using as a big storage room.  It is now being gutted and the pool will be removed. (We're bracing ourselves for the jackhammers!) 

And, the paneling in the cloister rooms (in the north side of the monastery) is being torn down and will be replaced with drywall (and insulation in the walls, for greater quiet in our rooms).

While all of this has been going on, and even though the monastery is pretty much a disaster, we still managed to continue providing hospitality.  Some women from New Millennium Laity joined us for noon prayer, and they brought lunch to share.

 Our Serbian Orthodox nun-friends from Monastery Marcha visited with their chaplain and two visiting priests.

 We hosted some seminarians from the Diocese of Cleveland for Vespers and dinner. 

And a few other guests and retreatants have also brought their joy.

Please pray for our sanity, patience and joy, for the safety of the workers, and for successful projects! Thank you again to all of our benefactors! We are at 88% of our goal.  So close! ;)

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  1. Wow...I can hardly recognize the monastery with all the wonderful changes! You are some busy ladies! Can't wait to see how everything is progressing when we head up that way for the Mariapoch Pilgrimage in August! We miss you all! God bless!


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