Friday, March 29, 2019

10th Anniversary Countdown: 2014

Answers from yesterday:
2015 Photo #1: One of many unused photos from our "photoshoot" for the poster for our first fundraising dinner, "Mumford & Nuns BBQ." As you can see, this one didn't quite capture our spirit... 
2015 Photo #2: Showing off our mud after pushing out a car that "someone" had gotten stuck in the muddy grass at the shrine (coughMotherTheodoracough).

Countdown: 6 days! Remembering the year 2014:

2014 Photo #1
2014 Photo #2
"But why, someone says, did Christ admit that harlot? So He might put away her iniquity, because there is no malady which prevails over His goodness. Do not merely look at the fact that He received her, but consider the other point also: how He changed her."
--St. John Chrysostom's Homily on John XI (quote submitted by Sr. Natalia)

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