Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Fall Issue of Pomegranate Blossoms

We hope you enjoy the Fall 2019 issue of our newsletter, Pomegranate Blossoms!

In it, you'll find:
  • Photos of the newly renovated exterior of our chapel
  • A description of this past summer's projects
  • A list of improvements we would like to make to the interior of our chapel
  • Ways you can help with this next, and very important, project! (It's still possible to make a donation towards the Bridegroom's Banquet, which will be doubled!)
  • Reflections from Mother Iliana and Mother Cecilia
  • Articles about the Boys & Girls Camp and the Mariapoch Pilgrimage
  • Our 2nd set of book recommendations
  • A photo from Mother Theodora's appearance on EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa and directions on how to find and watch the show

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