Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Online Lenten Formation Opportunities

We would like to share with you two Eastern Catholic online formation programs for the Great Fast. You do not need to be Eastern Catholic to participate! Mother Cecilia is one of the presenters for the program that is listed second. God bless you in your Lenten journey!

God With Us Online:

"We invite you to join us for the first four Wednesdays of the Fast as we contemplate the spiritual journey of Great Lent using the late Rev. Alexander Schmemann's work by the same name to guide us. Rev. David Anderson, himself a student of Fr. Alexander, will walk us through the book to understand the prayer of the Church during the Great Fast more deeply.

While it is not necessary to have the book to participate, it is available here if you would like a copy. We certainly think you will find it edifying!

We hope you'll join us and invite others on this spiritual journey as well! As always, there is no charge to participate, but registration is required."

(Fr. David is one of our online professors through the Magdala Apostolate; he is a wonderful teacher!)

"Return to Me" An Online School of Prayer:

"Join us for our School of Prayer
Thursdays during Lent, 7 p.m.
All webinars will be held on Zoom."

For more information and to register

(Click on any of these blue images to see them larger)

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