Thursday, September 30, 2021

God grant you many years, Mother Natalia & Mother Petra!


The life profession of Mother Natalia & Mother Petra on Sunday was an incredibly beautiful day of grace, as these two new stavrophore ("cross bearer") nuns committed their lives completely to Christ as their Bridegroom. 

If you were not able to experience the profession in person or via live stream, the video is still available for viewing. Here are some links you can use to experience this unique service of monastic profession:

Video of the live stream (the actual profession service begins at 38 minutes into the liturgy)

Liturgy booklet

Also, you might enjoy the commentary by Matt Fradd about his experience attending the profession. It will make you chuckle, give you a taste of the profession, and help you to relate it to your own life.

We will share more about the life profession (and photos) later!

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