Friday, March 18, 2022

"The Garden of My Heart," a poem by Mother Iliana

A still from our video Be Poor With Me: Reflections on Poverty, filmed by David Bratnick

In honor of the Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross, Mother Iliana would like to share her poem "The Garden of My Heart" with you. 

In the place where He was crucified

        there was a garden 

        a garden locked,

        a fountain sealed;

then one of the soldiers pierced His side,

        and out of His heart

        flowed rivers of life,

        to water His garden enclosed.

“You have ravished my heart!” He cried,

        as He watered His garden bride.

“Let my beloved come to His garden,”

        His dear one replied,

        as she bathed Him with myrrh and nard.

“Now let my fragrance be wafted,

        even to earth’s farthest bounds,

        for I have become a living well, 

        a flowing stream.”

In the place where He was crucified

        there was a garden

        and the garden was my heart;

        the spear which pierced His side,

        opened the gate of mine.

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