Friday, July 1, 2022

Have you seen last year's banquet video?

As we get ready for this year's Bridegroom's Banquet (on September 10th), we're getting ready to film another video, and we wanted to make sure we share our video from last year, "Be Poor with Me: Reflections on Poverty." 

We are all currently in the process of praying about what each of us would like to say in this year's video "Receive the Gift: Reflections on Chastity." We are really blessed to be able to create these videos with our filmmaker friend David Bratnik. It's a really incredible way for us to get to share the fruit of our prayer and to show you a glimpse of our life. Our hope is always that the videos will inspire you to follow Christ our Bridegroom with your whole life, whatever that may mean for each person. 

We look forward to premiering a new video with you this year at the Bridegroom's Banquet. Please pray that it will bear much fruit. 

For details about the banquet and to register, please visit "The Bridegroom's Banquet" tab at the top of this page. 

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