Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year...New Look!

Happy New Year!  We're kicking off the new year with a new look for our website!  We hope you enjoy the updated design!

For those on Facebook, you can also look forward to another exciting announcement in the next day or two! :)

In the meantime, prepare with us for the awesome Feast of the Theophany of Our Lord, coming up this Sunday!

"Radiant was the feast that has just passed; * but more brilliant, O Savior, is the one approaching. * The first had an angel as a herald; * this one has John the Forerunner.* The first had blood spilled and had Bethlehem lament as one who was childless; * the second has blessed waters recognized to be a bath having many children. * Before, the star proclaimed You are incarnate and are openly coming again. * O Lord, glory to You!" (Aposticha, January 2)

p.s. Fun fact about our new website design: The font for the titles of our posts is called "Covered By Your Grace!"

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