Friday, January 4, 2013

Our New Facebook Page!

We are proud to present  our new Facebook Page, which we launched yesterday afternoon. Thanks to the help of an Imagine Sisters shout out, we already have over 400 'likes' on our page! Please continue to share our page, or 'like' it if you have not already, and be sure to check back for updates, events, blog posts, videos, photos and more! Also be sure to check out Imagine Sisters and 'like' them as well. They are a newly-emerging social media and campus-based campaign that is doing a lot of great work to inspire young women to imagine what it could be like to give their life to the Lord as women religious.

A major reason for our new endeavor on Facebook is to further respond to Blessed John Paul II's call to participate in a 'new evangelization,' specifically through the use of the internet, as a way of further communicating Christ's love and teachings. Please see the following paragraph from the Introduction to our Typikon (rule of life), where we explain our use of technology.
"The monastery is 'new in methods,' utilizing modern technology to proclaim the life-giving truths of the Gospel. While not becoming 'of the world,' we desire to creatively engage those in the world through contemporary methods of communication, particularly through the internet, in order to reach others with the message of Jesus Christ. In a spirit of Christian temperance, our use of modern technology will be limited for our spiritual well-being and to show others the joyful freedom of such limits."

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